How to (Safely) Change Your Watch Strap

Today we explore techniques for replacing the strap on your watch. What may seem like a straightforward task can lead to frustrating moments given any combination of poor tools, sloppy technique, or impatience.

I recommend paying the premium for a Bergeon 6767 strap tool. The expense is worth the precision manufacturing and quality materials. The stainless steel tips will not bend like some of the cheaper variations, and the fork end is polished smooth with a sharp edge. The edge profile is particularly important, as a dull angle will not grip the flange on a spring bar as easily as a sharp fork.

In the video above, I note the ease of using the pin end of the strap tool for removing straps from watches with drilled lugs. It is also worth mentioning that it can be used in the same fashion on many buckles. If your watch or buckle is not drilled through, however, you will need to compress the spring bar using the fork end of the strap tool.

In the video, I had difficulty removing a strap with plastic tubes lining the spring bar channel. I do not recommend these kinds of straps. The plastic tubes only make changing the strap more difficult, and are not necessary in a quality product. The process was much smoother on a single layer, cordovan shell leather strap which could stretch to accommodate the width of the spring bar tool.

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